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Effective April 1, 2015 all electricians in the State of Wisconsin are required to be licensed or registered.  This licensing and registration carries with it the requirement for continuing education in order that those who hold various electrical licenses and certifications are kept up to date on changes and revisions to both the National Electric Code and the Wisconsin Electrical Code - SPS 316.  Currently the State of Wisconsin is operating under the 2017 NEC as adopted and modified by SPS 316 for commercial applications and the 2011 NEC for residential 1 & 2 family dwellings.    


To help electricians, contractors and inspectors in obtaining the training to obtain the necessary licenses, registrations or certifications the WETC will periodically sponsor Exam Prep Classes, electrical code updates or other training opportunities.  


Listed below are links to the current opportunities available through the WETC or their associated sponsors.  Please feel free to investigate these and participate in any that will provide the necessary training.

Electrical Exam Prep Classes are now being planned.

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